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Software Development

It happens to nearly all organizations, large and small: a problem arises that no existing software package can handle effectively. At Ideal Solution, we're experts at helping you define the problem, coming up with a sensible solution, and then efficiently implementing it.

Expert Staff

We have skilled project managers and programmers who are fully familiar with the software development lifecycle and stand ready to craft a custom solution. Our design experience ranges from embedded automotive control systems to comprehensive management applications. We are familiar with scripting languages, compiled languages, web-based applications, and desktop applications on all major computing platforms.

We do: In the following languages:
Web applications PHP, Python, Perl, Tcl/Tk
CGI scripts HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript
Desktop applications C/C++
Embedded applications Unix shell (Any Bourne derivative)
Middleware SQL
Databases INTERCAL
(And more)

Open or Closed?

The benefits of releasing software to the general public under an open source license are many. As much as possible, we try to use open source tools for our software development for both technical and cost-saving reasons. As proponents of open source, we strongly recommend to all of our clients that they allow us to release the source code to custom-developed software under an open source license so that others around the world can contribute new features, fix bugs, and provide additional support.

However, we do recognize that some clients may not be eager to release their software under an open source license for competitive reasons. As such, we ultimately leave the decision up to you.

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