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Greater Lansing's Leading Open Source Solutions Provider
No matter what your goals, our focus is on making your technology work for you. With our extensive knowledge of open source technology, we provide a variety of services and products that are reliable, secure, and ultimately put you in control of your IT resources.

Ideal Services

As active members of the open source community, we're in a unique position to provide you with the best solutions available. Each business is different and the "one size fits all" packages from proprietary vendors don't often live up to their promises. Ideal Solution is different. Since day one, we've been helping others get the most out of their technology infrastructure by examining their specific requirements and building custom-tailored solutions.

Ideal Knowledge

Ideal Solution offers a variety of services including consulting, implementation, migration, IP telephony, custom software development, and of course quality support. Our strengths lie not only in open source technologies, but in making the most efficient use of closed ones such as Windows, Mac, and other proprietary platforms. We bring you the best mix of time-tested, proven technologies as well as exciting new developments in the open source world.

Ideal Value

Many companies today are embracing open source technology for its affordability, customizability, and reliability to create the least expensive computing environment. Our commitment to utilizing and integrating open source solutions wherever practical means that we can deliver systems with increased functionality and reduced total cost of ownership.